Friday, February 13, 2015

People in Many Countries are Dissatisfied With Their Government

Political Dissatisfaction High in Middle East and Latin America

I quote from an interesting article from the Pew Research Center:
People in emerging and developing countries around the world are on balance unhappy with the way their political systems are working. A recent Pew Research Center survey finds that, across 31 emerging and developing nations, a median of 52% are dissatisfied with their political system, while 44% are satisfied.......
Political satisfaction is frequently related to economic attitudes. Countries where the economic mood is negative also have high levels of unhappiness with the political system.......In every country surveyed, people who describe the current economic situation as bad are especially likely to express dissatisfaction with their political system. 
In addition to being dissatisfied with their political system, a median of 64% across the 34 emerging and developing nations surveyed say that higher-income people have too much influence in their political system.
These statements correspond to my intuition, but there is a big difference between what I might think and what capable researchers conclude from the data that they have concluded. Check out the article itself with its interactive graphics.

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